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Bill Simmons Rebuttal: Greed Is Good

By Gene Zarnick On March - 7 - 2011

If you haven't read Bill Simmons' most recent column: Greed is good in NFL labor talks then you may not get the whole gist of my rebuttal.  I wouldn't even call it a rebuttal; it's actually just a column that shows the other side of things. Thanks to Bill Simmons and I hope you enjoy.

Take a deep breath, suspend all disbelief and walk through the following hypothetical (and admittedly ridiculous) scenario with me...

It's December 1994.

I'm 10 years old, growing up in Western Pennsylvania, and my dream is to become a national sports writer.  

Western PA is known as a hotbed for sportswriters. Many great writers have grown up here and their legacies still live on to this day.  

This region takes their sports writing very seriously, having after school groups of young prodigies come together at the age of six to begin to expand their skill sets in hopes of one day making it as a syndicated writer.  

I have the passion for sports, but not...

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