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Bleacher Community: Push, Pull, or Get out of the Way!

By Bonnie Parker On August - 5 - 2009


You cannot own what you do not possess. This is true whether you are talking about beauty or brains.  I see you look askance wondering, what the hell is she talking about?  I can hear you whispering, “Dear God, please not another of those wimpy women’s things!”

What I am saying is that if you own something it is integral to your character.  You define beauty in your own mind; you recognize it in yourself, and you own it.  Then the world sees it in you.  

Same thing with intellect.  You believe it, you emanate it. It is yours.

It has to do with self confidence and self belief.  

As I observe the machinations afoot in the Bleacher Report Community I have to say to myself—here are some pretty creative folks roaming wild and free.  It is like the Mad Hatter on speed.  There is as much intrigue and plotting and sub-plotting as exists in Washington D.C.

I hate to burst your bubble but you are wasting your time!

Here is the unvarnished truth about Bleacher Report.  You don’t own it.  

My advice is—love it or leave it.  I...

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