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The augurs are worse than the omens for the Boston Red Sox.

Only Beetlejuice can exorcize the demons that have taken over the Red Sox in 2011.

The Yankees are now wearing the ruby red slippers.

A little girl watching the New York Yankees on television in the Bronx has cried out, “They’re baa-aack!”

Caveat emptor will be the motto for fans from now on. Good seats will be available at Fenway in midseason.

The Red Sox will offer garlands of garlic to fans attending the Yankee series to ward off the bloodsuckers.

Zombies plan to sing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park.

The San Juan Capistrano swallows have come home to roost—at Yankee Stadium.

The soothsayer outside the World Series ticket booth tells the Red Sox, “Beware the Ides of the Yankee Series.”

The Red Sox pitching staff has offered Theo a laurel wreath three times a...

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