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When the Boston Red Sox began their season losing six straight games and having one of the worst Aprils in their history, it seemed as if it were over.

Fortunately, that losing streak was a hiccup, a minor skin irritation, but now it seems the symptoms have become full blown.

The Sox, to their great resiliency, came back and played far beyond what the opening week suggested. They looked almost like what the stats sheet said they would appear to be.

Alas, the injury bug has hit like Contagion, the new hit movie about a pandemic.

Forget Bird Flu or Swine Flu. We now have caught Red Sox Flu, which is not to be confused with Red Sox fever.

As the new movie Contagion states, nothing spreads like fear, and now, Sox fans, the panic is about to set in.

The injury bug has gone viral.

Don’t talk to other Sox fans. Don’t touch Red Sox memorabilia. You may spread the fear that the Sox are looking at a fight to stay in the Wild Card slot.

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