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"The day I agree to sell a player one year in advance, I will not be in this job any more."

Well said Mr. Wenger, after all there has to be a way to end this rubbish that comes up in Spanish media once every week.

It's not just about Fabregas becoming the pawn in the next years Barcelona elections, we had seen that with Real Madrid last year when Perez promised to sign Ronaldo and kaka if he wins.

"It does not help football and does not help people to focus on their job and is sometimes destabilising." ( Arsene Wenger)

There are bodies who are there to handle problems like these, but they are too busy in their "ivory towers" so forget about them intervening and not letting football get destroyed.

It should be the duty of a player to put his foot down and say "No" to becoming the pawn. What is the cost of a players self respect? $100 million? or $80 million? What is the cost of destabilising a club?

Everybody starts playing football for their love of the game, and then when they become proffesionals they sell their love, they sell their self respect.

Money can buy everything, but how can any amount of money compensate for destro...

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