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Can March Madness Pools Land You in Jail?

By Jerry Milani On March - 15 - 2012

As March Madness gets going in full today and tomorrow, the brackets will be finished and dollars (allegedly) collected for the office pools, but what about all those online pools, even the ones managed by the guy down the cubicle.

Can the manager, with a simple intonation of receiving a few bucks, be converged upon by the Feds, or are there ways around running the pool and staying free of the laws of internet gaming and gambling for the estimated 58 million brackets that are filled out this week?

Or, as in the case of a fifth-grader in Omaha, can it land you in the principal's office?

Some of the answers were presented in Ira Boudway's piece in this week's Bloomberg Businessweek.

Boudway looked back at as far as 1996, when Chris Hehman built one of the first online bracket managers for the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, and how he wrote a program that scored the 63 picks on ...

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