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Colbert Nation Saves Olympic Speedskating, yet Colbert Undermines the Gold

By David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X On December - 17 - 2009

Unbelievably, that is a real issue of Sports Illustrated that is to be released. 

After Stephen Colbert launched a phony campaign for president in 2008 with the sole purpose of making Doritos’s irresistible, it has been hard to take anything seriously from Colbert, with one big exception being the delectable crunch of Doritos.

Colbert thus overthrew the previous president of Doritos, Jay Leno, in a bloodless coup.

I do not consider myself the persuadable type; I even tried to be hypnotized once, and it did not take.  I used to wonder how much easier life would be if I just allowed myself to be a puppet, but always resisted that temptation.

The only exceptions to suggestions seem to be that evocative descriptions of rushing water makes me go to the bathroom, and the crunch of Doritos’s makes me hanker for chips.

Mmm...subliminal messages.

Anyway, regardless of that comedic aside what I have to say is no laughing matter.  This is an issue of great importance to me.  I am aware of the man...

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