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Today marked the 11th straight win for the Colorado Rockies, tying the Boston Red Sox for the longest streak in the current 2009 season.

But, it was not special for just that reason.  It was also the first game I attended at Coors Field in 2009, the 17th straight year I have been privileged to attend in a row.

The Rockies were amazing for their 11th straight game, bringing back great, warm memories of 2007, in which they finished 20-of-21 and successfully brought back the LoDo Loonies, including myself.

The Rockies found themselves down 1-0 early, but tied the game in the bottom of the first inning and gained the lead in the second 2-0.

The fifth inning was the Rockies’ best of the day by far though, as they scored five runs with fundamental baseball.

After walking Troy Tulowitzki to load the bases, the Mariners pitched to Chris Iannetta, who smashed a bases-clearing double to the top of the center field fence.

At the bottom of the fifth, the Rockies were dominating at the beginning of a downpour.

While the Rockpile was vacant part of Sunday, the fans stayed.

The whole stadium was semi-evacuated between the fifth and sixth innings due to a rain delay that brought on a tornado watch and three tornado sirens in downtown Denver, which really showed how full Coors Field was today.

As everyone left their seats due to driving rain and wind, the concourses overflowed along with the beer lines and the gift shops. The Blue Moon Brewery was also packed with patrons shoulder to shoulder, which really resembled a LoDo bar. 

This was all the better though as the rain delay gave more time for fun, festivities, and frosty beers.

Which is what makes going to the ballpark one of the greatest activities around; it’s a place where yelling, drinking, and chanting are all not only allowed, but encouraged.

And at its roots, the ballpark is a meeting place for all people. 

After the rain subsided, I noticed a group of Asian people sitting to my group’s right. I noticed a college-aged woman yell, “I-CHI-RO,” to which I chanted a taunting, “EEE-CHEEE-ROOOO.”

Ichiro answered with a line-drive smash to right field, and I gave the woman a thumbs up.

She proceeded to explain that she was cheering for the Rockies, but really only cared about Ichiro. She was from Japan herself. I asked her what she thought of MLB baseball, and she answered that the ball parks were bigger, but also less raucous.

Even the casual observer could realize she loved baseball, and I felt pride for America. 

It wasn’t my first encounter with a fellow fan though, as right when we sat down, (I’m embarrassed to say a half an inning late, although not of my doing) a grandpa with his grandson behind us updated me that I missed the show and explained how the Mariners had scored.

Throughout the game it was a pleasure to talk strategy, potential of players, and expectations of the Rockies as a whole with this experienced man. 

Even the casual Coors attendee could tell this man knew his Colorado baseball team and likely doesn’t miss them for anything.

The cutest and most touching fan I rubbed elbows with today was a three-year-old boy, decked out in his Sunday-best Rockies’ jersey and batting helmet.

The young boy watched me cheer, and followed along in my boisterous behavior. I felt a bit of excitement as another baseball fan was born today.

Even the casual observer could realize this young man would one day be starting as a Pitcher on the Rockies.

In all though, it’s the little intangibles that make going to the ballpark the best experience in the world.

The smell of beer, popcorn, and hot dogs right when you walk in the gates is amazing, and the tastes are even better.

The sight of spectacularly colored green grass cut to perfection under bright blue or even dark grey skies; it’s beautiful either way.

The touch of a hard plastic seat, which hopefully doesn’t make your butt numb because you’re standing to cheer your beloved team on.

And the sound of gloves popping, bats cracking, and fans yelling with delight all bring on wonderful memories for fans young and old.

I can honestly say, as the Rockies won 7-1 today for their 11th straight, they nor Coors Field could disappoint, even when mother nature tried to foil the festivities as this is possibly the best MLB game I have ever attended.

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