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So Chicago failed to gain the votes necessary to host the 2016 Olympic games. Instead, Rio will have that honor, that privilege, that...expense.

You see, I have mixed feelings about today's decision from the IOC. Sure, in many ways I would have liked to see the games in the U.S. and my home town of Chicago. It's truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and I would have welcomed the opportunity to show it off to the world.

But this is a city that is hurting financially. And while the Games would have brought additional jobs to the unions, and revenue from tourists, it would have cost a fortune to build the Olympic village and make the improvements that would have been required.

Even the leader of the free world couldn't convince the committee to select Chicago as its host. But instead of blaming anything that Obama did, or any of the Chicago delegates, or the failings of our mass transit system, the blame lies squarely in the lap of a corrupt IOC and a Rio willing to play ball.

You think Chicago politicians are corrupt? Well, you ain't seen nothin', bra.

Sure, scandal has always been synonymous with the City of Big Shoulders. We j...

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