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Conan Kicks Off the Tonight Show With Sports Jokes

By Quick Hit On June - 2 - 2009

Conan kicked off hist first night of the Tonight Show in LA last night with a few funny sports references.

O’Brein, who hails from the Boston area by way of New York, opened his new show by trying to flag a taxi to take him to California (in doing a last minute checklist he had come to the realization that he forgot to move to LA).

The hilarious montage followed a crazy-legged Conan dashing across the country. As it so happens, he stopped by the friendly confines in Chicago only to be chased off Wrigley Field.

Conan had two other memorable sports references, both dealing with the LA hoop scene. Conan noted that his set can hold up to 380 fans, which he pointed out is about the same amount of people who regularly attend Clippers games.

In his second basketball clip he mentioned how now that he was a celebrity denizen of Los Angles, he was expected to be seen at Lakers games. His crew then cut to recent game footage of Jack N. seated court side and then zoomed all the way out to show Conan enjoying popcorn in the last row of the nosebleed seats.

All in all we’d say Consie was three for three on the night with his sports references, but our two favorite Conan sports clips include one in which Houston Texan WR David Anderson did the Conan celebration dance in the end zone after scoring a TD (below)
and another one in which he did a segment following a 1864 baseball re-enactment club.

Check both vids and comment on your favorite Conan sports clip. Photo Credit: Sportswire, NBC

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