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We have an unemployment rate that is still atrocious. People continue to lose their jobs in this country at an alarming pace.

Our health care system is unacceptable. It is finally being deemed "unconstitutional" in many states who have been fining people who cannot afford health insurance.

Like anyone refuses health care and insurance for kicks and giggles—it is because it is simply not affordable.

We could be paying over four dollars per gallon for gasoline within the next couple of months. People who are working minimum wage jobs will actually lose money driving to work if they do not have a short commute.

There are fools in the state of Wisconsin who are trying to get the state to pass a new collective bargaining agreement that would eliminate teaching unions, and they are encouraging other states to get behind them.

On a similar note, we have teachers who put in so many hours per week doing an important job, they they wind up making less than minimum wage when everything is said and done.

And then we have players and owners in the National Football ...

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