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Corporate Media Still Doesn’t Get It

By Illya Harrell On July - 13 - 2009

It's the same flawed argument over and over again; the Internet is killing print media.  Talking heads on TV, voices on the radio, and even articles in the dying print media—it's always the same pity party.

While the Internet is no doubt killing sales of newspapers and magazines, the pundits still don't know why—even though they think they do.

Whether it is politics, entertainment, or sports, the song never changes

"Oh, the Interwebs are free.  How can we compete with something that is free?" 

Last I checked, individuals with an Internet connection are paying for the service.  In most cases, a much higher price than the monthly bill for a home delivered newspaper or magazine.   

Concerning the slow death of print media, I have a simple theory.

We are better than you. 

You can try all you want to separate yourselves from us with words like "bloggers," "blogsphere," or "citizen journalists," but the cold truth remains. 

We are more acute to the pulse of today's cultures and society than you will ever be.

Last night (for about the 30th in a row) I got lost in this site...

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