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I am not sure about all of you, but back in my high school athletic days, I remember our athletic code focusing on a few basic points. You know, passing a certain number of classes, not smoking, drinking, and/or using drugs, showing good sportsmanship, etc. Basically, not engaging in behavior that was unbecoming an athlete vague, yet understandable. And all of it centered on the athlete themselves not participating in said activities.

Were there some that did? Of course, and it is probably misleading to use that word "some," since that would indicate a small number.

Back during the 70's when I was in high school, there were many more than some who broke the athletic code. With regard to this, not much has changed over the last 35 - 40 some odd years.

So, I hate to break it to those parents who may believe that the types of misbehavior most of us witnes...

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