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Dad: Doing a Lot of [Doo-Doo]

By Cameron Britt On June - 21 - 2009

The Dad.

In a conventional role, he is the provider of the household, the teacher of his children, and the molder of his son’s character.

I am proud to say that my dad has been successful in all of the above, but I feel that he has gone beyond that when it comes to sports.

No, he’s never been a really big “sports guy,” but he has always recognized that I am one and was always one to further stoke my passion.

When I was big on NASCAR, he’d take me to the All-Star Race in Charlotte. When there was a big game or race on, he’d let me stay up a little later to see the end of it. And as my attention turned more towards baseball, he started taking me to games.

Over the course of about 10 years, I have been to Turner Field seven times, Progressive Field once, Nationals Park once, and George M. Steinbrenner Field once. No small task living in North Carolina.

Mind you, my dad cares almost nothing about baseball, but, because of my status as a baseball nerd, he has done everything he can to further my interest in what I love.

I know that this piece is a bit (OK, a lot) corny, but I feel my dad (whom I still live under) deserves some credit for what he does. On a day that is going to be filled with tributes to fathers, I figured that mine needs some love too, especially since he’s in Birmingham today.

Dad, if you get this, Happy Fathers’ Day!

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