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We were robbed. That's how a nation of prepubescent boys and their hottie-craving dads felt last night watching "Dancing With the Stars". In the past years, the ABC show has thrown in an athlete to try to draw the males in to notice the rest of the attractive women doing the tango. This year, they gave us the ultimate mix of sports and hotness in one, Erin Andrews. Each week, we tuned in to see how she'd impress the judges. We marveled at the technical magnificence of her dances and clapped with every nailed step . Who am I kidding? We were watching to see how much skin Erin would reveal this week. In the process, we were educated about the world of ballroom dancing. Those comfortable enough in their manhood might even admit they began rooting for her and critiquing everyone else's moves. Don't regret it for a minute, brochacho. We had an amazing 10-week run of excuses to gawk at Erin with our spouses in the room. All this for third place? Beaten by an ice dancer and a Pussycat Doll? No. We won't accept it. What's more, we have 10 reasons to back up why Andrews should have won Tuesday night.

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