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Have you ever just had a really bad day at work and a fellow employee comes over to you and says one of those “it’s just one of those days, huh” types of comments and you just have to give a sly smile about it given the circumstances?

Well ESPN cameras caught Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Derek Anderson doing just that last night in the waning moments of an embarrassing loss to the 49ers on Monday Night Football. And when asked about the smile during a postgame press conference, Anderson made the unwise decision of going into defensive, freak out mode, cursing and screaming before storming out of the room.

Now, sure the media has done their best twisting job making Anderson’s half second faint smirk sound like a jolly, cackling guffaw. But would we expect anything less from them?

I mean it's Tuesday. They need a story to overanalyze, banter about and beat into submission on the countless talk shows and websites.

Want to guess what the lead story’s going to be...

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