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I never typically write on subjects like this. Even as I'm writing this, I feel like I shouldn't be.

Just stick with me, though.

There are two types of writers here at our beloved Bleacher Report.

There is the type that loves themselves, sees zero holes in their writing, and solely writes for the purpose of winning the cherished and honorable "Article Of The Day."

Then there is the type that feels positive about themselves, knows the holes in their writing, and writes for the enjoyment and experience that comes from their articles.

To them, the "Article Of The Day" is an honor and a privilege, not a reward for nit picking topics while planning to take home the title for just one day.

While there are those Type B (the latter of the types) writers who are accused of writing articles a typical Type A (the former) writer would put together, most of those Type Bs will include in their article to not vote them for "Article Of The Day."

I give credit to those writers who choose to take the classy route when writing an article that can appear to be written for rewarding purposes only.

Some Type A's will insert the same request, bu...

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