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Any sporting fan who utilizes their right to break out of their shell and follow the Olympic Movement are aware of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

A daring few are courageous enough to follow the Paralympics. I am, of course, a keen example of this because I published a couple of pieces on the Ice Sledge Hockey tournament held in Vancouver several months ago.

But did you know that we also have a Youth Olympic Games?

Yes, we actually have an Olympiad for those who legitimately are young enough to compete for the real thing (read: China's women's gymnastics teams) but want to compete for someone their own size. Or age.

And so, this pint-sized version of the Summer Games was concocted in the halls of Lausanne a few year back, and the city of Singapore in the country of Singapore got first dibs to host this event for the kids this year.

I'm wondering why we aren't as dominant in these Olympics like we have been in other Olympiads when the only versions of the Games involved people of all ages and abilities. That is, the real thing.

I have a bone to pick...

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