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Chelsea play Manchester City this afternoon in a Premier League game that in the past has been termed "the clash of the cash." Today it’s all about Wayne Bridge and John Terry and what will happen before kickoff.

Never mind the pressure on City manager Roberto Mancini, the race for fourth, and the fact that this may be an opportunity for Chelsea to drop vital points in the title race.

No, a puerile quarrel between two overpaid, over-loved, (and one) oversexed individuals should overshadow the spectacle. 

Now, I’m not exactly the most informed on the tabloid allegations and consummate whirlwind engulfing many column inches and computer screens. In general, I steer clear of the gossip; I’m a football fan, and I don’t watch Eastenders (no offence).

But come on, surely the one thing that the spate of sporting celebrity scandals over the past few months shows is that there is a lot of bullshit out there.

Yes I said it. It’s all rubbish. 

Agents and PR people manufacturing images for players that bear no resemblance to the true reality of their lives. Marketing departments in businesses backing this image for their own gain, for co...

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