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I never thought the world would see a day where the thought of a beautiful, naked, blond woman on the Internet would make me sick.

But we have. Every time I think of the Erin Andrews situation, it makes me question the world in which we live.

What is wrong with people? Sticking a camera into someone’s hotel room to catch a shot of the unknowing Andrews naked? I am not the world’s biggest Erin Andrews fan, but if she was to willingly pose for Playboy or something, trust me, I would be online to check it out before you could say, “sideline reporter."

But does anyone get any joy in seeing someone who is not aware of the fact that she is being filmed? It is against her will. Who gets any pleasure out of looking at that?

I pray they catch the piece of trash who did this and penalize him (or her, but I will assume it is a him) to the fullest extent of the law. Every state but Iowa now has some law on the books dealing with video voyeurism, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.

This person did not e...

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