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There is not a chance in hell that Erin Andrews is going back to ESPN after "Dancing with the Stars." I hate to drop that bombshell on you, but I have the video proof. Erin has proven to be a gorgeous blond that you still root for as the underdog. Her chemistry with her partner -- some guy named Max or something; if I acknowledge him, he's real and I have no shot -- is undeniable. It's very cute and has likely endeared her to the women viewers. She will end up hosting "Insider Access Hollywood Tonight" by September. For the guys, this has been our chance to see the skin behind the sideline hotness we all knew was there -- without getting a virus on our computer from that infamous video. Her choice of outfits has been stellar. Her dancing has been impressive. And she outlived Kate Gosselin. A thankful nation rejoices. Tip: I've fast-forwarded straight to the dance and the outfit. If your wife peaks in on you, just back it up to the beginning. The idea of you watching the sugary wordplay between Erin and Whoever-He-Is will earn you bonus points for sensitivity with the Mrs. You're welcome.

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