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Error Analysis in Sports Articles on NFL, NBA, or Other

By Damali Binta Yael On September - 1 - 2009

So we think our sports articles (and analysis) are perfect. Let’s look at some possible ways of introducing misconceptions or error into a sports report.

From a broader perspective, we are always attempting to approach a perfect model, an improved description of a situation in sports, and in life.

The idea is to remember that all things are subject to adjustments, iterations, improvement, with the hope that a convergence to excellence and near perfection will occur.

In math, when we talk about a limit concept, we realize that the “approaching behavior” is what is important. A function may not actually reach a limit, but it gets closer and closer.

In a phone conversation with an economist with the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the comment was made that it is customary to “seasonally adjust” some data.


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