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Eye-Black Messages Must Not Be Blacked Out

By Tosten Burks On September - 14 - 2009

Scientifically speaking, eye black is a tool used to improve eye contrast sensitivity. Traditional eye black is a dark grease commonly consisting of beeswax, paraffin, and carbon. All this works together to reduce glare from the sun.

If only it could reduce glare from the spotlight...

You see, throughout the evolution of sports and time, a few more ingredients have been added to the sacred recipe: principle, protest, and passion.

Figures from throughout the broad spectrum of the sporting hemisphere have taken this stripe of black, and molded it into their own personal banner of inner expression. This badge of fierceness, of protection, has evolved into a symbol of vulnerability, of freedom.

Eye black has become a physical, visible blog for the biggest athletic superstars of our time, a platform for personal ministry and expression.

Tim Tebow, University of Florida quarterback and college football wonderboy, writes bible verses such as “John 3:16” in his eye black. Tebow’s black stripes are his pulpit.

New Orleans Saints runnin...

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