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I've thought long and hard about sharing this story, and now I know it's time. I hope in sharing something so personal, I can help other people.

Here we go.

My confession is that every fall, my husband has an affair. It's hard—really hard—and I never get used to it. But when you love someone, you learn to work through all kinds of challenges. For whatever reason, these are just the cards I was dealt.

But let's be clear on one thing: It's not another woman he strays to.

Are you kidding? I'd never put up with that.

No, it's fantasy football that steals his heart. It's a seductive beast—luring him in, taking all he's got and then dropping him like an old pair of shoes when his players get injured.

In fact, it mirrors most celebrity relationships: hot and cold, up and down and plenty of unnecessary media coverage.

The reaso...

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