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When Landon Donovan scored in the 91st minute of the USA's world cup game against Algeria, he may have started a revolution.  Donovan and this moment in USA soccer may come to share a place in history with events that occurred in Yankee Stadium on December the 28th, 1958. 

On that day the New York Giants faced off against the Baltimore Colts in the 1958 NFL Championship.  As many a wise sports fan knows, the game was a classic. The event became a turning point in the popularity of the NFL. 

Much like the USA's dramatic victory in extra time, the 1958 NFL Championship was decided in overtime.

After the Giants received the overtime kickoff they were quickly forced to punt.  Future Hall of Fame legend Johnny Unitas led the Colts on a 13-play, 80-yard drive that culminated in a one-yard touchdown run by Alan Amache.  The Associated Press' famous photograph of the game-winning touchdown has become one of the best-known photographs in history.  The game itself is regarded as the greatest football game ever played and has been the subject of Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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