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I love waking up to St. Patrick’s Day in New York City. You walk outside and the air seems fresher, filled with an Irish Spring scent. The people seem friendlier. You feel spring is right around the bend, and every bar seems like it is the greatest party you ever came across.

Drinking is the activity of the day. So while the day is filled with jubilation and celebration to start, the night usually ends in debauchery and fisticuffs. It seems you can’t avoid a good drink on St. Patrick’s Day, or a good alteration for that matter.

We celebrate the full spectrum of Irish culture, don’t we? Notre Dame’s nickname isn’t the cuddly Irish, is it now?

So when you are out celebrating at your favorite pub today, bantering endlessly with strangers about your favorite New York teams, be mindful of what you say.

One word or phrase out of your beer-tinged mouth can transform your newfound best friend sitting next to you at the bar into an enemy more unfriendly and divisive than Skip Bayless. To help avoid these fights and continue celebr...

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