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When an NFL player retires, he often misses the camaraderie of his football buddies. Some would call it "social dislocation."

For several years, I have been doing research to discover what happened to several NFL players who are senior citizens. I am writing a proposal for the development of a center for retired NFL players and others who could have been in the NFL but injuries prohibited the fulfillment of their dreams. Some of these men reside in the Golden Triangle, in Texas.

One mayor in the Golden Triangle in Texas tagged it as the Professional Football Capital of the World. There was a time when a number of young men were drafted into pro football. They attended high school in Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, Texas.

Three coaches from the Golden Triangle area are Clifton Ozen, Willie Ray Smith and Alexander Durley. These men had the knack for developing outstanding, disciplined athletes at the high school, college and professional levels.

I have heard of several stories. One is shocking to me. A former athlete lives in the woods near Port Arthur, Texas. He is the brother of a successful, retired NFL player.

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