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Golf’s Decline in America: Work/Life Balance Is the True Culprit

By Michael Fitzpatrick On March - 29 - 2011

Golf is on the decline in America.  That reality has finally smacked us in the face like a two-by-four.

The number of core American golfers (those playing eight rounds or more per year) has fallen between three and 4.5 percent every year since 2006.

Since 2007, the number of golf courses closing in America has significantly outnumbered the number of new course being built.

This downward trend in American golf is even making its way to the professional level.  In 1986, American golfers made up 60 percent of the Top 100 players in the World Golf Rankings. By the end of 2010, Americans made up only 32 percent of the Top 100.

Upon viewing these numbers, most immediately peel that two-by-four off of their faces and cite two main causes: cost and time.

While those are certainly two of the main factors, I would contest that the cause of the time issue in particular is actually one of, if not the biggest problems when it comes to the decline of golf in America.

In terms of pure participation in the game, the cost...

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