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Has the NFL Become the New Thug League?

By Kendrick Marshall On April - 18 - 2010

Ben Roethlisberger has confirmed what the National Football League and mainstream America does not want to come to grips with.

That pro football league has fondled, shot, gambled, and dime-bagged its way to the undisputed title of Thug League champion that was once held by the National Basketball Association.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be ecstatic that his league has accomplished this feat without much fanfare. There were no talk show radio hosts imploring Sheriff Goodell suspend habeas corpus for athletes who run afoul of the law.

Few sports writers or television analysts have demanded the 32 respective franchise owners use an iron fist when their highly paid star employees are repeatedly charged with drunken driving, drug possession, illegal gun possession and other sinister activities that besmirch the coveted shield Goodell and his henchmen desperately seek protection for. 

Why such apathy for the off the field mischief of Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl winning quarterbacks you might wonder? Well, it is hard to criticize a product you are in bed with. The NFL is the money maker for networks and struggling newspapers alike. ...

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