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No one will ever know if the members of the Trenton Trojans boys hockey team would have completed the comeback that night. But momentum was on their side.

A three-goal deficit had been erased. Their building was thumping with noise.

Then, just like that, it became eerily quiet.

“I knew I was in pain, like full body pain,” Kurt LaTarte said as he recalled the moment. “But no one knew how bad it was until I went back to the bench and the trainer looked under my chin.

“His eyes got real wide, and the last thing I remember was seeing a lot of blood.”

LaTarte, a member of Trenton High's Class of 1999, gazed out onto the ice at the Kennedy Center in Trenton as he told the story. We sat in a tiny set of bleachers in the frigidness of the rink, the temperature matching his tenuous relationship with what happened there.

LaTarte knew it would be this way. He knew he’d have trouble opening up about the night an errant skate slashed his throat, leading to his collapse at the bench moments later. Hence the eerie silence.


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