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Hockey Concussions: NHL Players Are Suckers for Themselves

By Steve Thompson On March - 27 - 2011

The recent spate of concussions in the NHL has prompted a question that has been occasionally raised from time to time: 

What would happen if a hit were so hard that somebody dies?

What do Nodar Kumaritashvili, Steve Moore and all the recent serious NHL injured people have in common? All are human. All are victims.

What are they victims of? Two things.

Physical contact. And man's hubristic challenge to the world—that he can take anything that can be dished out and keep on going as if nothing as happened.

And still worse: No one will take any responsibility. That stance allows the evils to continue without any second thoughts, reflective thinking or effective countermeasures.

Unfortunately, this stance has become more and more the pattern of Canadian thinking. The poster boy is Kumaritashvili.

When Nodar crashed into a pillar and subsequently died, Canadian sports bureaucrats took the now-becoming-traditional way other Canadian bureaucrats take: Blame the victim.

Nodar was "too inexperienced" ...

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