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It is a day which still replays vividly in my mind as if it happened recently. All the sights, the sounds, and moods from those 24 hours on a Tuesday, a mid-September date in 2001, are fresh and poignant.

September 11, often referred to as 9/11, was one of the darker chapters of our world's fickle history. However, nobody could have predicted that horrible chain of events on the morning of that tragic date.

Eight years ago, I woke up and began getting ready for another routine, monotonous day at Bellingham High School in southeastern Massachusetts. I was a 10th grader who was like any other 15-year-old, concerned more about what would happen with the now rather than the next day, week, or month.

My thoughts consisted of the following:

  • Biology was surely not going to be an easy class to pass, even if my teacher made it more appealing to pay attention to during our lectures.
  • I needed to go to the library so that I could go online and read the latest updates in NASCAR from Jayski.
  • There's a cute girl I had to ask out, since the big social dance was happening later that quarter.

While I was not set out to accomplish...

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