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Listeners are brain-washed daily..by talking head media people, who spew their rhetoric over the air ways, either via television or radio and like programed machines. The sound of the simultaneous click happens. Talk shows about sports or politics are blasting over the air ways.

The mere sheep who soak up this fountain of miss information closely have their eyes peeled and ears perked up. Ready to run back, to the first person they can find to tell them what they heard.

Meanwhile those with brains shake their heads at the idiotic, who have no clue, how to argue for them selves, instead of arguing for what the media said.

You definitely got what you deserved

You’ve allowed yourselves to be manipulated and suckered in to the world of opinions that don’t mean a damn thing. You’re the pawns the media is using to get it’s message out there.

Oh wait.

I keep forgetting, many of you who will read this like what the media says. The media in your eyes can say no wrong or do no wrong.

Even I myself in writing this in some way can be called someone of the media, so how dare I bash something that I myself am using.

The difference?

I write to tell the truth and don’t attempt to sugar coat the events that are happening out there. I’ll tell it like it is, regardless if anyone likes it or not.

But others are not me, I can not make them tell you the truth. Others will do what they want and remain afraid.. to tell you the way it really is, using and leaving you confused and uncertain. of what the real truth is.

Call it being too scared to tell you the truth, or the cocky attitude of, you’rr all my puppets and I tell you what I want you to think

So here are the bits and pieces on the for me to know, you to find out bases.

Either way.

It’s your choice, chose to listen to them and you deserve exactly what you get.

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