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Sports and movies make a powerful combination. Movies that celebrate the triumph of sport over adversity deeply move us.

What started this post was an innocuous tweet:

@iphonefresh: Invictus was beautiful. Sport truly triumphs over all.

I instantly asked friends and followers across Twitter and Facebook for their "#favsportsmovies."

The recommendations that zipped back—from people in India, USA, and the UK—showed amazing diversity and wonderful movies of varied vintage.  

There are many recco’s here I haven’t seen yet and I'm guessing there are some you’d like to catch up on. If you notice any omissions, do add them in the comments.

So here goes:

@rajaramansport: Chariots of Fire.. Gladiator ..Escape to Victory   

@Rajyavardhan_R: Miracle and Cindrella man

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