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Is Bill Belichick a Genius Or Are Sports Journalists Just That Gullible?

By David Xaviel is the Hobby Horse On August - 3 - 2009

(Now listening to, "The Weight" by The Band)

I could have stated that I was listening to "The Pusher" by Steppenwolf, but alas, I have not smoked a lot of grass, or popped a lot of pills.

The reason why I could have said that is because the title of that song will lead to an abstract leap in my mind about the sports media being pushers of what they want you to believe, not what is actually true.

We can thank Michael Vick for proving it. Follow me on this.

All that Bill Belichick had to do was passively praise Vick's athleticism and football ability, and well, B-Squared had the sports media eating out of his hands.

Instead of saying, "Man, we're gullible fools that will believe anything," the damage control has been, "Bill Belichick is a genius."

In other words, rather than admit to being duped, the politicians in the sports media will label their deceiver as a genius, in order to save their own reputation.

The same thing happens when an NFL coach, such as Mike Shanahan, defies the collective mind of the sports media.  Shanahan did so by upsetting the Favre/Holmgren Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl of th...

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