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In the Harry Potter books, the Mirror of Erised is a mirror that reflects the desires of the viewer. I think there is a myth or noun that means an item in which everyone sees something different that they cherish, but I could not recall it. While sourcing children's books (even a very well-written series) is not the most successful way to begin a sports article, the Mirror of Erised does fit the underlying concept rather well.

I am befuddled by the confidence I see from the public in the UFL's offerings.

I have noticed two elements that echo through almost every editorial written about the UFL and the followup posts by football fans. First, saying the UFL is "doing things right" specifically implies past competitors have not. Second, every fan sees a different primary example of how things are being done right that they sieze upon as "the" reason the UFL has a good shot to make it.

This happens every time a league springs up and those fans reasons are rarely factors one way or another. 

All competitors to the NFL do a number of things very well.  If they aren't in business, they had a combination of unf...

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