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Let’s take a moment to thank the United States Government and the National Football League for showing our kids and future leaders of America how not to deal when two parties are unable to come to a decision.

As our government threatens to shut down, the NFL has already done so leaving many wondering what is next for the most popular sport in America. Now with a possible government shut down looming, we start to wonder who is going to deliver our mail and unemployment checks going forward.

As two of the most influential organizations in America are unable to come to conclusions they have decided to potentially lock the doors and put millions out of work during an already fragile economy.

If only I would have known this was the correct way to deal with confrontation and being unable to come to a compromise, things with my ex-wife would have gone very differently if I had just shut down and put myself out of business.

What gives these two organizations the right to just close the doors?



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