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It’s Hard Being A Bay Area Sports Fan.

By Nate Maez On May - 23 - 2009

Having grown up in the Bay Area, I have witnessed my fair share of both horrible and spectacular teams throughout my adolescent and adult life.  A few teams that come to mind include the 2002 San Fransisco Giants, 2002 Oakland Raiders, 1994 San Fransisco 49ers, and the 2006 Golden State Warriors.  On the flip side, we have the 2009 San Fransisco Giants, 2008 Oakland Raiders, and... well we all know how our respective teams have been doing as of late.  Even our San Jose Sharks, who were the best team in the NHL this season and won the President's Cup, lost in the first round to the eighth seeded Mighty Ducks.

Despite the Bay Area's recent slump, fans continue to hold out hope for their respective teams regardless of how terrible the previous season was.  There is really only one complaint I have about Bay Area fans, and that is their acceptance of Jessica Alba only attending the Warriors' playoff games.  Where was she this season?  Does she even know who Monta Ellis is?

Sports writers, TV hosts, and fans will forever debate the impossible questions: What makes teams great?  Is it an insanely fast offense?  A pun...

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