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Maybe you've seen it on the opening of Miami Vice , just after the girls' breasts in the bikini, the horses, and the greyhounds?

Brett Favre just mentioned jai alai on one of his TV commercials.

The "World's Most Interesting Man" had a commercial clip of him flinging the pelota around, back in the day.

It is know as the fastest game ball sport in the world, where the pelota can reach speeds in excess of 150 mph after being hurled out of a basket that is attached to the player's hand (called a cesta) with a strap (called a cinta).

Dhani Jones (he of the Cincinnati Bengals) tried to go overseas in Spain (to the Basque region, where the game originated) and learn to play the game on his television program, and found out what it was like to be facing down a rock-hard ball (which is just a little smaller than a baseball and harder than a golf ball) with just you and a reed basket for protection.  

Before the casinos and lotteries became prevalent, jai alai was the place to be if you wanted excitement and gambling action in Florida, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The court measures around 175 feet lo...

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