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Jeff Passan, Sports Media, and the Loss of Power

By Uncle Popov On October - 6 - 2009

Jeff Passan is a writer for Yahoo! Sports and formerly of The Kansas City Star; the latter a newspaper, for those who did not know (yes, newspapers do still exist).  And apparently he is a bitter man.

Passan recently wrote a column ridiculing Tony Faust’s assessment that the Minnesota Twins, in particular soon-to-be MVP Joe Mauer, were stealing signals from the Detroit Tigers. 

Passan is quick to discredit Faust’s analysis by claiming that the latter “does not play baseball, nor is he a scout.”  He later continues to attack Faust by insinuating that it is completely made up; that Faust “manufactured” it.

In another column, Passan takes another shot at Faust by playing off the conspiracy theory aspect a la “the grassy knoll.”  In this shot, Passan attempts to paint Faust as a bit loopy.

Is Faust accurate?  Well, I am not sold that Maue...

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