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If you've followed the NBA at all this season, you probably have heard the rumblings coming out of Utah that star point guard, Deron Williams, is not happy this season playing for the Jazz, and that he has butted heads numerous times this year with head coach Jerry Sloan.

As a Knicks fan, this delighted me. Not that I'm the type of person who finds joy in the misfortune of others, but with free agency looming for Williams in 2012, his displeasure with his current team and coach could cause the outstanding point guard to take his services else where, say, New York, for example.

Sure these player/coach feuds usually end in favor of the player, especially if that player is a superstar, but this is the Utah Jazz, and there hasn't been a head coaching change there since Ronald Reagan was president. 

Then, yesterday afternoon, Jerry Sloan resigned after 23 years as head coach of the Utah Jazz, and honestly, my first thoughts were that my visions of D-Will lobbing passes to Amar'e for thunderous slams would never come to fruition.

Then I got over it by telling myself that Ch...

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