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"I don’t feel like I’m a hypocrite. I feel like I’m human."

Those are Josh Hamilton's words on Saturday, Aug. 8, following the publication on Deadspin of pictures proving MLB's "Superman" had in fact relapsed.

The public acknowledgment of his relapse diminishes the shine from a great comeback story.  Unfortunately, "tainting" of baseball and baseball-related stories is becoming all too common.

While there are some that are outraged at Hamilton, the reaction does not seem to be as severe as the reaction towards Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz.  Both the relapse and the use of steroids tarnish the image of Major League Baseball.  And there are some who would argue that race/ethnicity plays a role in the differences in reaction.

Perhaps race is a factor here.  But I think there is something more than race or the fact that he jumped out in front of it as soon as it became public (he told the people that matter about the incident soon after it happened).  I believe that we see the "flaw" in Josh Hamilton that exists in all of us.

I am reminded of the song "Your Glass House" by the hip-hop group Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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