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KISS : Keep It Sexy, Stupid

By Duncan Scott On July - 26 - 2009

Editors: This article has been edited numerous times.

Up until a couple of days ago the greatest number of reads scored by one of my Bleacher articles was 1,820. That was a piece on NASCAR, and I really think you should read it right now; you'll be so glad you did.

The lowest number of reads I've scored is 18, and my typical score is usually between 200-300.

For me, the whole point of writing is to be read. Does that make sense?

So I set out to write an article that would really rack up the numbers and get the counter spinning.

The Bleacher front page gave me the blueprint for a reader-magnet.

I had to produce a slide-show, and the subject matter had to be scantily-clad women. That conclusion will not surprise you, but it does puzzle me.

The Internet can be seen as an infinite universe of porn. Whatever your personal preferences, Google will swiftly find what you seek on your journey to the depths of depravity, no problem.

And as there is that readily available resource of heavy-duty porn, why should girli...

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