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Lance, Tiger, Alex: Is Everybody Cheating?

By Bill Cody On May - 20 - 2010

Turned on the radio this morning and caught the opening of the Jim Rome Show. The whole first hour was dedicated to the Floyd Landis story.

In case you didn't hear it, disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis finally came clean. After years of claiming that he never cheated. After he said his dirty test was illegitimate and there was something wrong at the lab.

Now Floyd is saying the exact opposite and taking it farther. Not only did he cheat to win the Tour De France. Everyone in cycling cheated, including Lance Armstrong.

On Rome's show the e—mailers and callers came after Floyd hard. How dare he call Lance a cheater? 

Rome on the other hand wasn't so sure. He said the same thing many others have said over the years. If the sport of cycling is that dirty, and it is, how could one man be that dominant if he wasn't cheating as well?

Rome is not the first one to point that out. Many people have accused Armstrong of cheating over the years, including America's first Tour De France champ Greg LeMond. 

The problem is none of us really want to think Lance is a cheater.

The man is a saint. He came back from near death. He raises ...

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