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You’ve got anger?  That’s good.  You’ve got aggression? That’s better.

Playing football at its highest level requires more than being able to jump like a grasshopper and run like a gazelle.  It requires that you have an almost sadistic love of pain.  You must be prepared to destroy yourself physically, mentally and emotionally every day.

Bone-crushing hits, broken limbs, bodies strewn across a bloodied field:  The image of a medieval battle field where men ruthlessly chopped each other to bits with clubs, swords and axes or simply integral parts of the fabric of a game that has quickly become America’s favorite sport?

Football trains men to act like animals.  It trains them to lose control of who they are so that they may act with reckless abandon.

Before games, men huddle up and jump up and down barking and hollering like a pack of pit bulls anticipating a kill.

We expect these modern gladiators to treat every game, every play, as if it were their last.  We expect them to play with intensity and anger so strong that they enjoy hurting, even destroying their opponents.  And t...

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