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Love Hate Relationship With TV Football Announcers

By Chris Johnson On July - 20 - 2009

There has been a long-standing love/hate relationship between sports spectators and the announcers add their voice to the action. In football in particular, the love/hate relationship stands out. So here is my list of the worst and best announcers.


Howard Cosell (Always No.1 on the list) - This guy would talk a "mile-a-minute" and say nothing useful. Man, I hated this guy. Unfortunately, some announcers have fallen into the same "Cosell mold." Just shut up and cover the game already! Alex Karis should have gotten a medal for telling Cosell off, when he was on Monday Night Football.

Brent Musburger - Another Cosell in the works. The only time I liked him was in the movie, "Waterboy" when Dan Fouts said, "Shut up Brent!"

Bryant Gumbel - Boring! If he has something to say about the game, OK, say it.

Frank Gifford - Great player, but another Cosell "want-ta-be...

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