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Loyal Fans Get Hermatile About Possible NFL Lockout

By Glenn Card On March - 16 - 2011

I’ve heard enough about the NFL vs. the now defunct NFLPA. All the noise is making me hermatile.

The owners want to take back the franchise from the players. On the other side, players are fighting for some more job security, safety concerns and maybe a little retirement nest-egg.

The franchise owners claimed they were not getting enough return on investment in the old CBA agreement and abandoned it early. And no, they will not open their books to allow everyone to see how little income is made through their respective franchises.

It is also said that the NFLPA has only been giving lip service to the prospect of mediation. The plan was always to go through the motions to only decertify and then look for litigation to gain advantage for their demands.

I am not so naive that I actually believed that there would be a simple solution to this labor dispute.

I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed labor unions destroy an industry. I’ve also seen the pendulum swing the other way with owners and upper management teams profit mightily off the backs o...

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