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Major League Baseball 2011: A Diversity Check

By Lake Cruise On April - 1 - 2011

How does Major League Baseball grade for diversity in 2011—64 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color line? 

Take a walk with me along the river of my thoughts and grading scale, and you’ll probably be able to pick my brain for the answer by this column’s end.

No longer just a buzzword in college business classes, diversity is a must in almost every walk of global corporate life. 

Those who believe in trickle down philosophies will agree diversity in practice has leaked from the board room to bored people in rooms across America’s heartland.

Americans who are mired in the mud of self-hatred and bigotry are being forced to get over it.  Largely relegated to inner circles and family free-for-all discussions, racism is on the way out and diversity is here to stay. 

The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is alive and kicking in certain parts of the nation, yet it’s severely lacking, still, in others. 

I was afforded the opportunity of reciting his I Have a Dream" speech in fourth grade at an assembl...

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