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Michael Vick wants a dog. He is apparently lonely for wet noses and a little tail.

We are speechless. From bowwow to arf to ruff and woof, we are not able to put our mouth around the word “hubris.”

The NFL and the media are now conspiring to silence the yapping of little dogs and rehab the image of Michael Vick.

Since dogs are not first-class citizens, except in the hearts of their owners, Michael Vick will be able to own a dog legally in 2012, shortly before the asteroid hits Earth.

According to GQ, which has recently also given exposure to Mark Sanchez on the cover and in his centerfold pose, Michael Vick has always adored lap dogs. If he doesn’t have a pooch in the pocket, he feels like a quarterback without an offensive line to deliver.

There is apparently no corollary to sexual registration for predat...

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