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Michael Vick: Convicted, Served, Forgiven?

By Aaron Neely On June - 5 - 2009

I remember sitting at home in mid summer and watching sportscenter. I was watching to check out the latest NHL signings and on the ticker, the words “breaking news’ came across the line. The following words horrified me, “Kobe Bryant accused of rape.” Those may have not been the exact words; however, as we all know it is accurate.

The trial went down in Denver, Colorado and just a few days ago the Lakers closed out a season against that town’s team. However, hardly any talk was given to that story.

Personally, I believe that the greatest story in today’s sports world that affects us has to do with Michael Vick. What he did was absolutely terrible and horrendous. What he did makes me sick to my stomach and makes me hate these types of people so much more.

Going back a few years, I can remember the majority of Sunday afternoons during the football season where I watched my beloved Bills only to become even more excited when the most exciting football player in the league was to take the field. Michael Vick was electric, he was magical and he became the best friends of chairs throughout the Atlanta reason because so many people who just stand and watch.

Has anyone legitimately thought about Michael in this way recently?

What makes me even sicker then thinking about what Mr. Vick did was how everyone responded to his actions. News anchors across North America acted as if they were far better then him, fans began kicking the man when he was down and here on Bleacher Report we wrote articles bashing the man and treating him as if he was worse then what we are.

For those of you who are familiar with the bible, there is a quote that says “whoever is without sin should throw the first stone.” Point is, Michael Vick made a mistake. He went to jail and as far as I know he is now out on house arrest after serving the majority of his time.

In society we have a justice system because it is a punishment for the wrong they do. For parents out there, do you yell at your child even after they have gone to their room to serve their punishment? As parents would you like to pay for your speeding ticket for the rest of your life? Then why do we hold athletes at such a higher standard for making mistakes?

The athletes that we watch every night in all sports are role models to millions of people around the world. Watching players come back against all odds and dominate can bring tears to the eyes of many. We demand them to be perfect on the field, court, and ice rink because we are paying large amounts of money to watch.

However, their life is their life. They are just like us in every single way; they just are so great at a specific sport we pay to watch.

Like I said, I hate what Vick did. As an owner of a dog, I don’t just own a dog but I adopted my dog into my family. The thought of my dog being beaten and tortured makes me feel terrible. Michael Vick did these things and has paid his dues!

As a sports fan and as a person who has made mistakes in my life I believe that he deserves a second chance. I believe in my heart that he is remorseful and understands what he did was so incredibly wrong that many will unfortunately never forgive. But let it be known—I forgive. I forgive him because the next time I screw up, I hope that everyone around me forgives me because just like you, I am a person.

So here is my conclusion, my grand finale. Everyone who reads this article has made a mistake in their life that they are glad to say is done with and glad that they don’t have to live with it anymore. So let’s give Michael another chance, I am not saying that we forget about it, as the great saying goes, “forgive, but never forget.”

Let’s give this man another chance, because no matter how much we want to think otherwise—he is a man.

He has a family, friends, people who look up to him and most importantly—he has a heart and he has feelings.

So ask yourself, do you like being bullied? Because that is what we are doing to him right now. And if you can legitimately say that you can’t forgive him, ask yourself this question. If you were in a room with him alone sitting at a table, could you still make fun of him in that position!?

I know I couldn’t—I forgave, I will never forget.

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